Update on our Writing Projects

I’ve been writing a long beer article and hence the paucity of blog posts recently as I want to put full effort into that. Still, I’ll be doing a few posts based on current tastings and other topical matters. The article is not based on anything I’ve blogged on before.

Also, this summer the next issue of the food journal Petits Propos Culinaires is due out, PC #114. This is the food, food history, and culinary journal (in English, despite the name) edited by food authority Tom Jaine in England, and published by Prospect Books. For the website of PPC and full subscription information see this link.

PPC is one of the premier international resources on food history and food studies and is only available in hard copy form. It has come out three times yearly since the inaugural issue in 1979.

It typically contains five or six essays on a wide variety of topics, as well as thoughtful yet lively reviews of food books, historical and other. As well, there are compelling notes or observations in each issue by the editor on current issues or events in the food world. The issue now out, #113, has notes for example on a new book on the history of Devon orchards, on the Oxford Cultural Collective, and Leeds Food Symposium, 2019, among others.

Issue #114 will contain our full-length article on butter tart history. It is based on our blog posts of late last year but will be expanded and fully-referenced. We understand PPC #114 will also contain articles on the early history of Stilton cheese (an exciting new discovery, in fact), the early avant-garde chef Jules Maincave, and Mrs. Rundell’s relationship in the early 1800s with her publisher, John Murray.

Many years ago when PPC was edited by the late food historian Alan Davidson I contributed notes on a number of topics including Quebec’s cretons and la cipaille. I’m very happy to appear in PPC again, this time with a full-length piece.

I hope as well in this interlude of non-blogging (or very little blogging) to read some new or recent beer books. I will review here those I can find the time to read.