The Session: Beer Blogging Friday #134

This month’s Session is hosted by Tom Cizauskas. No better Session leader can be imagined due to his impressive resume in beer and brewing, he’s covered so many areas: brewer, pub owner, writer, beer educator, and more.

You can read the topic in Tom’s post from mid-March. I can summarize it (but be sure to read his full post) with this excerpt:

What is a beer garden? Or what isn’t a beer garden? Or what should a beer garden be? Or where is a beer garden?

Preface: in parsing the rules to participate in this Session, I’m hoping this post doesn’t disqualify due to its left field approach. By this I mean, I propose, not my own contribution on the topic but one written by a New York journalist some time ago – 1869 in fact. That’s 1869, no typo.

I need only reference an earlier blogpost where I discussed what amounts to, in many ways, Junius Browne’s answer to Tom’s questions, see A Yankee Views Askance the Lager Beer Garden

As well, I know I’m a few days late to participate. In defence, I plead, as Junius’ agent, his advanced age. We request Tom’s indulgence on that account as well.