The Brill Beer Glass of 1963. Part II.

In drilling down to find the actual glass a British brewery trumpeted ca. 1963, as discussed in my Part I, some hunting produced a stylish glass manufactured until recently by Durobor, a Belgian glass manufacturing firm dating from 1928.

Sadly, it seems Durobor is no more, as this story in 2020 attests in the site Glass International. Note the handsome Art Deco factory design.

Stock is still distributed where available. Listed here, in the website of retailer AZ-Boutique, is the Worthington Durobor glass.* The description specifically references its enhancement of beer taste:

…the 10oz / 32cl Worthington Durobor beer glasses are characterized by their feet facet which make them particularly original glasses. The beer glasses Worthington Durobor increase the aroma and taste of the beer while creating a thick crown thanks to its shape.

The glass is slightly beveled and stem, more chunky than round, but surely this is (the last?) descendant of the 1963 ace beer glass. The connection to Belgium, another great beer country, is a pleasing embellishment.

Even the modern version seems to have a slight nip, below the lip of the glass. I can see how this would be pleasant to sip ale from, or any beer.

Small differences in design can make for a different drinking experience, everything from weight, shape, colour of glass, degree of transparency, etc.

The Worthington Durobor glass c. 2020 is now on our want list.

*Seemingly out of stock at least at this time. The product description is awkwardly written, perhaps reflecting translation from French.



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