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Originally this site had a subscription feature, for readers to receive new posts when published, and comments to posts if desired. This of course saved the trouble continually to look in to this site.

Some who maintain their own site see the work here due to a feed covering this and other blogs, but the subscription appeals to many in general, and a few people have asked me why the notifications lapsed.

A few months ago it got switched off for some reason, not intentionally. Recently I restored the function, and the original subscriber list should therefore be receiving this, and future mails.

For subscribers who wish to cease receiving the e-mails, a feature in the e-mail footer permits this.

Readers not currently subscribed who wish to, need only send in a comment to any post, and tick the feature that requests new post or comment notification.

I have been posting about three times a week these last months although it can vary.

Currently I have a series examining pre- Second World War breweries in East Europe with a focus, although not exclusively, on Jewish-owned breweries.

Many who do beer history, certainly I did not realize that many breweries, typically small and medium-sized ones, were owned by Jewish families in the former Pale of Settlement, Poland, Galicia, Lithuania and environs.

So it’s a spotlight on that part of the European brewing heritage. I also discuss the modern brewery, where the prewar brewery still exists that is.

By July I will turn to a new series, details to be disclosed by the end of this month. I’ll say here it involves the early beer-tasting activities of a gastronomic society, between the 1930s and 1960s.

For now, I will do more posts on prewar Polish brewing and the family-owned breweries mentioned.



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    • Thanks Gary, and to Steve as well. Next one will be a good one, but leaf back through the last dozen, you will find lots there too.


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