Sublime India Pale Ale

I’ll intersperse a beer review, seeing as I have some beer judging coming up. Time to get those adjectives oiled up again.

This is from Stone City Brew Co. in Kingston, Ontario. The brewery came onstream seven years ago, and with Spearhead Brewing and a half-dozen other breweries, adds good variety to the brewing scene in Kingston.

My attention was attracted by the South African hops. The type is not stated in the website description. The African Queen variety is a possibility I think, but I didn’t inquire.

Better to taste, reflect, and state opinion.

It’s a New England IPA style, and has the requisite cloudy look although not to the opacity some show. It’s not quite as fruity-sweet perhaps as “classic” NEIPA but malty enough. It’s 5.5% ABV.



The main notes I get from the hops are dank. Readers not au fait with modern beer terminology should not misunderstand – dank is a desired quality when handled well, which is the case here.

Beer dank is sort of vegetal, like certain roots, parsnip-meets-celery gives an indication perhaps.

Sublime also has a peachy undertone, but not pronounced. It puts its own stamp on NEIPA, and does it well.

Cheers to Kingston, Ontario. One of its early brewers, as I had a chance to document in an academic article recently, was Thomas Dalton, who advertised around 1820 that his beers were pure malt and hops.

I’m sure Dalton would have approved of Sublime, it’s the real thing.




2 thoughts on “Sublime India Pale Ale”

  1. Gary, I am glad you liked it. I find the Stone City products to be reliably quenching. They have started making retail deliveries to Toronto once a week, and this is a very good thing in my view.

    • Thanks, good to know. So many IPAs today have a similar citrus-grapefruit profile, itself an extension of American Pale Ale, especially from the West Coast (Anchor Liberty Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, etc.). There has been some migration from that stance with the newer tropical- and mango-tasting hops, but still.

      This one was different.


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