Spearhead Brewing Lighter Lager 4% ABV

Spearhead Brewing’s Lighter Lager reached our door as part of a complimentary, Xmas 4-pack, so full disclosure.

The beer is a glowing light amber, against the pale gold of most macro lights and most craft light lagers that come my way.

Nor is the hue the end of its character. The beer has a pleasing upfront bitterness (vs. the finish), despite only 15 IBUs,* and malty body.

I can’t show a personal image as it seems I didn’t take one – I guess the brew went down too fast! But the can is shown in the link above.

The brewing team, founded by a Czech-trained veteran, shows its experience to create a satisfying, natural beer taste like this. The hops end as kind of arbor-like, to my mind – almost English in effect.

All good and natural in the palate, nothing contrived or outré. Much preferable to the typical session IPA, which often seems unbalanced and, well, contrived as I said.

*International bitterness units, for those not familiar with this abbreviation. 15 is on the low end of the scale, but much depends, for any brew, how the hops are used.

2 thoughts on “Spearhead Brewing Lighter Lager 4% ABV”

    • Certainly true Michael, but most session IPA I’ve come across has seemed particularly ungainly, yet they have their fans I know.

      Bench makes a good one though, imo, maybe I’ll review that next!


      P.S. Among the light lager clan, Amstel Light has always been pretty good for the mass market group, with a decent, even flowery hop character.


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