Spearhead Brewing Candy Cane Lager

This beer was part of the pack sent to me as mentioned in my notes yesterday on Spearhead Lighter Lager. Candy Cane originally came out last year for the Christmas lead-up, and is back again.

This is the brewery’s page for the beer.

It is 4.8%, a full-strength lager, with rich mash tun flavour. Peppermint is added which complements the beer well here, in part because it is used judiciously, almost an extension of the hop bill, in part because peppermint suits many beers.

I have tasted porter flavoured with peppermint, an Ontario example if memory serves, and it worked well there, as here.

Spearhead gives you authentic beer taste. Whether you like it or not, and I usually do, they don’t stint on flavour, don’t seek a supposed golden mean. I’m not dissing the strategy for some – carve the niche that will ring the till, I’m all for that – but both for palate and sentimental reasons I incline to the breweries that prize full flavours.

Spearhead is among this group, who go for the gusto as the old advertising phrase has it. That was a Schlitz line, and in its day, the beer must have delivered. In our day, Spearhead delivers, and then some.

Below you see Beer et Seq aka Gary Gillman with a Candy Cane lager. For more details on the release, see the recent Canadian Beer News item by editor Greg Clow.



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