Prima German-Style Pilsener in Toronto

I re-acquainted recently with Black & Bold, a label of Brunswick Bierworks in Toronto. I described the Brunswick operation recently in these notes.

The beer is not a dunkel, or other dark German style, but a pilsener. It is however of darker colour than much German pils I have run into, close I would say to (Czech) Pilsner Urquell if not fractionally darker. For some the colour will evoke Vienna lager, but the flavour profile is strictly pils spectrum.

The brewing team at Brunswick has exemplary European credentials and it shows in a product like this. The hops are steely German and pronounced in taste. I would guess Tettnang, Hallertau or both are used.

There is a malty edge to the beer but less than for Urquell, and firm hopping keeps satiation at bay, after bottle #1 anyway. It tastes very traditional, no concession is made to an international, American, or dare I say “craft” approach to lager (valid as these are on their own terms).

Below is a picture of the beer, while you can read a description in the Brunswick website. It is available on draft in the brewery taproom with other beers made on site, both own-labels and some contracted for others.



A great east end beer destination, among numerous now implanted in that part of town.


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  1. Pils flavor with that color (absolutely gorgeous color btw, really one of my favorite hues for beer)–is it done with invert sugar maybe? I wonder how they get that color and a pilsner flavor


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