Newcastle Brown Ale

As tasted in Montreal tonight. Dryish, caramel tones, snappy finish.

Tadcaster-brewed, 4.7 per cent abv.

I recall it in London, many years ago now, being sweeter and richer, but memory can play tricks, so who knows at this juncture.

I think the last time I had it in Britain was in Camden Lock, a pub that featured bands in the Chicago blues style.

Those big pint bottles.

That was perhaps 30 years ago!

I order it to remind me of those times. It went great certainly with Montreal smoked meat and the incomparable Montreal french fries.





2 thoughts on “Newcastle Brown Ale”

  1. I know that there’s been complaints about Newcastle recently based, I think, on it being brewed in the US for North American consumption, if I recall correctly.

    I haven’t noticed any difference. It’s one of my favorites.


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