New Publications by Gary Gillman

I’m referring to publications separate and apart from our frequent blogging here on different facets of beer, distilled spirits, other drinks and food.

We had a short piece earlier this month in Calgary Metro, a daily print and digital commuter newspaper which is part of the Star Media Group. It was part of a spread for Calgary International Beerfest held May 5-6. The piece, “A Resurgence of Many Styles of Beer To Enjoy”, can be viewed on pg. 15 in this link. It may re-appear in Edmonton soon we understand.

It’s directed to a general audience and was written accordingly. Nonetheless it reflects some long-held ideas we have about the origin of the modern proliferation of beer types.

In addition, Brewery History, a long-established scholarly journal devoted to beer and brewing history, has just published its latest issues, nos. 168 and 169. No. 169 contains two articles of mine. One is a lengthy, fully-referenced and illustrated piece on the history of American musty ale. The other is a review of Empire of Booze, the book published last autumn by English drinks writer Henry Jeffreys.

Brewery History is a fascinating and important resource for those interested in the historical aspects of beer and breweries. Anyone interested to obtain the current issue, or to subscribe, should write to Dr. Tim Holt, the Editor, at He can assist or direct you accordingly.

As the policy of Brewery History is to permit the book reviews to be publicly accessible on publication, my review may be read here (scroll down to pg. 82). The reviews contain much else of interest, especially the review of Frank Appleton’s new book. He is a pioneer of craft brewing in Canada.

Finally, our legal blog at has been updated with a multi-faceted discussion of the Canadian 9.09% whisky blending rule. It factors useful background we have gleaned from our historical studies as reported here in past postings as well as certain experience gained advising clients recently on this matter.