My Article on Margaret Simpson, Early Ontario Publican-Brewer

My article, “Margaret Simpson: Pioneer Publican-Brewer in Upper Canada”, will appear on September 26, 2021. It forms part of the inaugural issue of Culinary Chronicles (New Series), to be published annually by the Toronto-based Culinary Historians of Canada (CHC).

Margaret Simpson brewed in Upper Canada, now the Province of Ontario, at her early taverns certainly. She was a tavern- and inn-keeper from 1797 until about 1825.

I presented on Simpson’s achievement at the recent Rural Women’s Studies Association Triennial Conference held (virtually) at Guelph University in Ontario.

Papers by other members of the CHC who presented at the Conference will also appear in the inaugural issue, some dozen in total. A wide range of topics in Canadian culinary history is represented.

My paper, fully referenced and benefitting from carefully selected illustrations, runs some 6,000 words. Matters covered include:

  • beer and whisky in early Ontario taverns.
  • Margaret Simpson’s signal success in tavern- and inn-keeping.
  • social interactions between British visitors and Loyalist Canadians.
  • certain themes in Scottish feminist history.

The papers will be available as a PDF file, at no extra cost to CHC members. Non-CHC members will be able to download the file from September 27 for $10.00 (CAN), from the CHC website.


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