Michelob Characteristics, 1890s. Part II.

In a number of earlier posts I examined Budweiser’s gravities and alcohol between 1884 and the start World War I. In September 2016 I discussed an 1884 assay that showed 1015 FG and abv of 5.3%.

In November 2016, see this post, I noted around 1900 the FG seems to climb to 1020, with alcohol just under 4% abv. This is consistent with the 1898-1899 test Edd Mather just reported, see Part I, except there alcohol is 4.7% abv.

I stated in that post:

So 1020 for Bud by 1889-1904 makes sense, it’s not a farfetched number and marries with the 1889 booklet’s “very strong in nutritive quality”.

Also in November 2016 I discussed three tests on Budweiser performed in 1904, with similar results to 1884 except one had 4% abv alcohol.

It seems the numbers did vary at times, and short of analyses based on company records, none of which have been published to my knowledge, one must take each finding as it reads.

It may be the company was trying different approaches, or for different markets, at different times. The most I would say is, approaching World War I, it seems Budweiser’s strength and final gravity settled down to about 5% abv and 1015.

None of these other assays addressed Michelob though, which makes the data of 1898-1899 even more interesting.


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