Melbourne-Sydney Beer Test

In this short 1967 film clip on YouTube, beer drinkers in Melbourne are given samples blind of beer from their city and Sydney.

Some discern immediately whether the glass is local: Victoria Bitter, Melbourne Bitter, Foster’s, or another of the storied brands of Carlton & United. Others are less successful.

An assertion was made that Melbourne brands were more bitter than those of Sydney.

The best part is the last interview, where the patron gets the better of the interviewer despite not realizing the sample was Millers beer from Sydney. It is clear the interview is over after his firm “fair enough?”.

There are numerous clips on YouTube, 1960s-1970s, interviewing pub patrons in different Australian centres. All present different facets of beer and pub life in the period.

I found this of interest given the score or so posts I have written on Australian beer history, although most predate 1967, when the clip linked was filmed.

In that same year, Millers of Sydney, actually just outside in Petersham, was sold to the powerful Toohey’s in Sydney.

R.W. Miller was a firm dating from the 1920s that owned a colliery and shipped coal to coastal ports in the country.

It acquired a brewery in Petersham in 1942 according to this link. The labels I’ve seen all rendered its brands as Millers.

I don’t know when Millers was finally closed, I think the 1980s. In its heyday the firm was known for High-Lo Lager, Special Pilsener, and Taverners Ale, the last named for its hillside location in Petersham.

This antiques price guide shows a selection of Millers brands.

The Melbourne image that follows was taken some 10 years before the film linked, sourced from the website of the Herald Sun:



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