Hart Brewing Recipe Article Just Published

Recently I wrote an essay, The Harts of Quebec and Their Early Brewing Recipe, which the Culinary Historians of Canada have now published in their August, 2018 Newsletter.

It appears as Part Six of the Newsletter, here.

The article is based on blog posts I authored here two years ago but gathers the material, with some new information, in a single, sequential narrative. In effect it is a new piece of writing.

The article:

  • recounts how I located the Hart Brewery’s c.1800 ale-brewing recipe in Quebec government archives
  • discusses the recipe and my interpretation of it
  • reviews the re-brewing of the beer by a brewpub in Montreal in association with a local museum
  • discusses Hart family history with some updates to the present day

A special thanks to the Culinary Historians of Canada for having published the piece.

I am very glad to have joined this excellent group, whose events I have started to attend. Its well-written and edited newsletters describe a plethora of Ontario, Canadian, and international food events of good interest to anyone interested in food and history.

The newsletters also contain period recipes, some recreated by the membership, reviews of new cookbooks and other works on food, and guest articles by the members.

The group is composed of enthusiasts from diverse walks of life who share an interest in the culinary and the historical. Included among the broad membership are food writers, journalists, academics, bloggers, and restaurant and food industry professionals.




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