George R. Washburne Profiled in New Article

Article Examines an Important Figure in Kentucky Whiskey History

Donna Russell is Town Historian of Pewee Valley, KY, a town about 16 miles from Louisville. She is authoring a website for the Pewee Valley Historical Society. It is still in progress, but great strides were made in the last year. One of the area’s past notable residents was George R. Washburne, of whom I have written numerous times in connection with the “Wine and Spirits Bulletin”. This was a trade journal he published and edited from 1887 until National Prohibition ended the work in 1919.

The people behind the stories are not the least of the many facets of beverage alcohol history… You can read Donna Russell’s detailed profile of George Washburne’s origins and career at this link

Most interesting it is, and I recommend it to any one interested in the heritage of Kentucky whiskey and the state in general.

It is too easy to forget that the production of drinks of various sorts is just the beginning of a complex process of getting them to the consumer whether in bar, restaurant, beverage store, etc. Washburne provided a key service to the alcohol trade by advertising wine and spirits and industry comings and goings. But the “Bulletin” was a respected and successful journal that had an impact beyond the production and vending of wine and spirits. It also contained ads and articles of interest pertaining to the multifarious suppliers of these industries including grain dealers, equipment makers, architects and engineers, and ad agencies.

It is good to see Washburne remembered for his role in the “Bulletin” and the other aspects of his life. Some further family history is detailed as well.