Expedition Brewing Co. Lager

I mentioned Expedition Brewing earlier this week, based in Newmarket, Ontario. I had a chat recently with a principal, Colin Parr, who heads up marketing and sales.

Parr explained the venture is actually two years old but mainly got moving in the last six months. He provided details of the brewing, handled by Equals in London, Ontario, specialists who cater to the contract market.

Parr said Equal’s advice was useful to fashion the kind of palate he and business partner Patrick wanted.

Their Loch Ness Lager (see website) is a blend of two malts, one a Munich malt, to which some acidulated malt added. Loch Ness shares with its stablemate Bigfoot Bock a good body, a plus for most beers, in our book.

The bitterness is balanced, with light citrus and mineral notes. The taste is slightly honeyed and reminds me of English digestive biscuit.

The brewery bills Loch Ness Lager as inspired by Helles and Dortmund styles. I’d call it more classic “craft lager”, with a distinctive note from the malt grist. If we can get the restaurants and bars to open again, a pitcher will go great with piping wings, a charcoal burger, or a cheese plate.

It’s excellent addition to the Ontario lager scene.


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