Expedition Brewing Co. Bock

Some notes now on Expedition Bigfoot Bock. It’s from Expedition Brewing Co. in Newmarket, Ontario, a fairly new brewery. Production is currently contracted out to Equals Brewery in London, Ontario, specialists to the contract market.

Expedition’s website is marketing-oriented, with a fun theme built around travel, adventure, and tasting beers.

For Beer et Seq, it’s always about, or finally about, the beer. I can say with confidence: Expedition hit the ground running with this one. It has a rich, molasses-like flavour, one found in many fine German bocks. Not surprisingly, it’s an all-barley malt beer.



The flavour is full and sustained from start to finish, with a mineral-like hop edge, but the story here is the malt. The grist achieves a winy, rich taste with the molasses persisting into the finish.

Some good bocks have issued in Ontario in the last 12 months, and there was the return of Molson-Coor’s Creemore Urbock, an early craft stand-by. Hop City’s Boxcar Bock impressed as well.

But this Expedition takes the palm. It is 6.2% ABV, strong enough but not so strong that the bibbing enjoyment is affected.

I bought mine at The Beer Store in Toronto, Leaside branch. Expedition has a lager as well, which I review later this week.






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