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Guinness Brewery had a brilliant ad poster in the 1950s. A bit of an odd affair, it was a joint effort with Callard & Bowser, a Guinness-owned business that made butterscotch. The headline: “Confectionately Yours”.

Alamy has an example for sale, seen here. The sweets-maker was an old London firm. The Let’s Look Again site has a good capsule history of Callard & Bowser. Guinness acquired them in 1951, finally divesting ownership in 1982.



One can be pardoned for thinking Guinness was ahead of its time with Confectionately Yours, given the current infatuation for pastry stout. In a dazzling Lewis Carrol pastiche, Guinness took pains to distinguish yet also liken sweets and beer.

Guinness did not think, evidently, of actually combining the two, in bottle or keg I mean. Had it done so and named the brew Confectionately Yours, Guinness might be the grandparent today of all pastry stout.

For those not familiar with this rich-tasting riff on good old stout, the American drinks writer Kate Bernot gave the lowdown, in this article.

Well, they weren’t thinking that way back then in St. James Gate, Dublin. Today, though, Guinness makes a milk stout, which uses lactose, so the ship has turned, to a degree.

One thing is clear: some ads of the 1950s were rather literate and creative. Less of that approach is seen today, I think.

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