Canadian Club

A Classic Gets a Road Test

I buy CC every once in a while, the regular white label issue. I’m fairly sure it used to state a six years age, now omitted from the label, but how old the contents actually are I can’t say.

Recent samplings seem a touch less good than I remember. To me, this whisky, lacking as it does an all-straight character, benefitted from a complex wood-and-clove character, “cigar box” I called it. It’s still good with a light sweetness and hard-to-parse complexity, but not what I recall.

Anyway this is now. It has the finish it always did, that crackly character derived from the element distilled at high proof in the blend.

One thing I always wanted to try was the rye flavouring stream on its own, however I’m not sure any is aged separately. I think all of it is married when new to the high-proof element and it goes into the barrels for years.

Blended whisky will never be my first choice – Canadian, Scotch, Irish or any other – but this is a well-made product which has historical interest for me. I’ll look for a six year version when next in the States, i.e., as a dusty, and will compare to the current one if I can find it.