Bud’s Final Gravity and ABV in 1884

This is a further follow-up regarding pre-Prohibition, Anheuser-Busch gravities for Budweiser, see p 57in 1884: 1015.

The abv was a touch over 5%, essentially the same as in the news ad I linked about 20 years later.

I estimated 1016 for Bud in my previous post, pretty close.

In this discussion, homebrewers making a modern Bud clone estimate 1008 FG and I’ve seen some estimates lower.

Even assuming Budweiser was 20% rice by 1884, that is a 7 point spread. Of course, 1884 Bud would have been much hoppier, but still.

Given too hops before WW I were advertised as the Czech Saaz – presumably AB used 100% Saaz at least for aroma – it must have been quite a different beer then.