Bières du monde Quebec Style

A suitably international beer range characterizes Brasseurs du Monde, a craft brewery in Quebec. So fast do things move in the business that it seems they’ve been a part of Quebec microbrewing forever, while having set up business just 10 years ago.

They are in Saint-Hyacthine, Quebec, 32 miles from Montreal. The founders are described in a local press story by Nicholas Dubois from 2011. A man with capital and business smarts teamed up with a young brewer of talent to start the firm.

Some government money was obtained but, from detail in the story, less than 10% of the invested capital.

They brew a wide current range, as the website shows. In my image below two beers are “gamme IGA”, brewed for the IGA supermarket chain. These, headlined “expressions d’ici”, highlight Quebec popular expressions. It must be amuse/attract buyers as the phrases don’t relate to the beer types.

The third-to-the-right literally means, “arranged with the movies man”. I had to look it up as nothing twigged further. Yes, I grew up in Quebec but we spoke English at home and in social circles. Quebec’s popular everyday expressions sometimes still elude.

It turns out “vues” meant at one time the cinema, perhaps a rendering of the American “the pictures”. So, since everything about a film is known in advance – by those who make them – it’s a metaphor for something foreordained, foretold.

This beer is an English Extra Special Bitter, aka ESB. There are lots of professed English styles among Quebec craft breweries, more I think than for Ontario’s industry.

The first can reads “vite sur ses patins“, fast on his skates. I got that one off the bat, to mix metaphors, or languages at any rate, a quick study, a sharp tack. This is a Czech pils-style.

The middle can is a regular release, although I couldn’t find it in the current website. A strong English nut brown ale. The brand is “L’écurieux“, a play on words when taken with the squirrel’s binoculars (écureuil = squirrel).

Why English and other British, and Irish, styles regularly appear in Quebec I am not exactly sure. Perhaps it’s a lingering influence of the old British era, and the long period ale and porter were the dominant beer types in Quebec.

Ontario, for its part, always liked lager more, although today the default mass market style in both places is lager.

I’ll review these soon, and see how they measure up, both to good UK examples and Ontario examples.


2 thoughts on “Bières du monde Quebec Style”

  1. I’ve tried now the Czech-style lager and enjoyed this. It is on the light side, but has a good fruity flavour from Czech hops while not delivering a heavy barley or extra-floral, traditional version of the style.

    For those who know imported Czechvar, or Staropramen, more on that vector vs. Pilsner Urquell. Given the premise of trying to reach a general audience (IGA shoppers), not a specialist crowd as such, object well-achieved.

  2. Will use Comment function to remark on the beers’ taste. It keeps it in a single compass, and those interested can refer back here for the rest.

    The ESB was somewhat disappointing, too restrained in flavour for me, but bearing in mind it is an IGA release, the fairly mild palate is more explicable. The brewery website lists other UK-style beers that probably offer more character, e.g. a strong Scotch ale.

    The ESB reminded me of the middling bitters at the last CAMRA festival I attended in England: Just mildly hopped, little or no English aroma or hop flavour. Decent bitterness though at warmish temperature.

    It reminded me of Marston’s beers that we occasionally get here, sans the “Burton snatch” .

    It is quite different from the current Fuller ESB, and not close to ESB in its glory years of 30 and 40 years ago, imo.


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