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I believe in revisiting beers over time, even those I find wanting. Sometimes they change, sometimes for the better. I picked up a Von Bugle Munich lager, a label of the 17-year-old Steam Whistle Brewery, a pioneer craft in Ontario. It’s brewed at a sister establishment in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Whether it’s been tweaked I can’t say, but I’m getting more hop impact. Same profile as before, but more taste.  An excellent effort and will buy again. The beer is interesting too because not a typical Helles (blonde), not a typical Dunkel (darkish, sweetish brown), but more an amber lager. Perhaps Vienna is a better description, but I care about taste, not fine points of label description.

This is the latest in the Amsterdam Brewery Adventure series, Crooked Path, a 7% abv Baltic Porter. Excellent brewing, not too dry, good rounded flavours, the roast not overdone yet very present. Despite the strength I like this in large draughts, cold. Available at Amsterdam retail outlets and the Adventure Series beers go fast, so tarry not.

Finally, the “new” Coors Original, the Canadian brewing of Coors Banquet, the full-strength Coors that heretofore has been imported from Golden, Colorado. I tasted it against the import as some cans are still available at The Beer Store.

I preferred the import by a small margin which seemed more complex with less of a “tang” (perhaps the corn adjunct). The Canadian one also seemed a tad darker in hue. That said, they are, as expected, very similar.

Any shadings of difference make no difference for us, as “American adjunct lager” in general does not appeal. I’ve had one or two AAL in craft hands that is excellent, but from the big players, very little. Of course I speak only for beeretseq. For the millions who will buy it, I’m sure it will please.

This company link introduces the Coors Original. Kudos to Molson-Coors Beverage for anticipating questions from the fans and answering straightforwardly.





5 thoughts on “Beer Reviews”

    • I got mine at the Beer Store fwiw. Do try it and let us know your thoughts. It seemed much fuller and better than I recall, even at cold temperature.

  1. I must say, I do find the blurb on the Molson Coors Banquet/Original anticipated FAQs a little slick and evasive. Questions are never completely answered, only the same repetitive placating statements are sent in the direction of the reader. It would almost be better if they didn’t say anything and just responded to actual questions and comments from consumers. All rather condescending.

    • Michael, I see your point, but at the same time, corporate communications in large organizations follows a certain pattern and logic that is, in practical terms in my experience, almost inescapable. At least they wrote down the main questions and answered in their fashion. I don’t think in practice the average person would be able to get the same information piecemeal, either wouldn’t think of writing, or asking all the questions.

      • I do agree that it is a good thing that they anticipated questions and the ones they wrote down we’re pretty good, however it’s just the “answers” that annoy me.


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