Beer Judging in Toronto, June 26, 2018

This year I’m part of the Canadian judging panel for the World Beer Awards 2018, the event is June 26 at Bar Hop Brewco on Peter Street downtown.

An e-mail from the U.K. invited me to join the panel sitting in London on August 15 for the final tasting of rounds 2 and 3 of the World Beer Awards. In that stage, the best beers entered are selected by an international panel with participation as well by entrants. As my trip to London in August to attend the Great British Beer Festival just skirts that date it was suggested I join the Toronto judging.

Glad to do it. I’ve got years behind me studying and commenting on beers current and former – former both in memory and via in-depth historical study. I’ve got by now probably a thousand (or two) taste notes on Twitter, this blog, the forum at, and other sources. To which the hundreds of essays here looking at beer in every imaginable way can be added.

I feel I can contribute usefully to the judging.

For the upcoming event I will review the product categories and judging criteria carefully to ensure maximum effort and impartiality. Any judge must separate personal preference from an accurate assessment based on intended style or the other criteria relevant. I’ll apply special efforts to ensure I do that.

To learn more about the awards and structure of the competition see the organizer’s web information, here.

The annual World Beer Awards form part of the annual World Drinks Awards which cover numerous beverage categories. For all details see the main web site, here.


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  1. I think the judging team will be greatly enhanced with your addition. Your experience and knowledge in the world of brewing is beyond reproach.

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