Bangkok Crosswalk Pale Ale

Bangkok Crosswalk is a pale ale from the Ottawa, Ontario area, from a brewery established only four years ago.* The beer stands out among the pale ale clan, as slightly darker than most I see, with emphasis on the hops.

The four-hop blend, two apparently used for dry-hopping, imparts an interesting signature. Two of the four hops are Magnum and small pellet Idaho 7. I can’t recall the other two, didn’t keep tin long enough! One was Australian.



The website styles the beer North East Pale Ale, with a taste note I can’t improve on:

Big fruity notes of pineapple, passionfruit, mango, evergreen and citrus.

(See also under their tap listing). I’d abbreviate it to “pine and pineapple”. Most associate these things with different parts of the world but they mesh well here.**

As applied to this beer, “North East” does not signal the opaque Vermont style, at least to my mind. It seems more an evolution of early craft Northeastern pale ale, itself a spin on the British original.

But then, such matters of definition have limited interest for me. What’s in the glass trumps the rest. We have here a good, even stylish taste, with oomph for the gravity. And not too dry in the malt.

Oats are in the mash but don’t “cut in” on the flavour, unlike many beers using oats.***

Ottawa Life has some good background on the principals.  It’s a classic craft foundational story, à la Canada. To see this kind of quality after only four years in business shows the great leaps craft brewing has made in the last 10-15 years.

It took some 30-40 years to get here though. In that earlier period there were rare flowers you had to travel miles or traverse frontiers to find. Today, they are on your doorstep courtesy the local beer retailer.

*Overflow Brewing Company. Not sure of derivation for the brand name. There is no obvious connection to Thailand. Perhaps a whimsy of the namer, as many brands are in craft brewing.

**There is a species of pine native to parts of China.

***A factor here is overuse of the grain.



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