Back In Black

Still sailing on a Stygian sea, I essayed tonight O’Hara’s Stout on draft, served in exemplary condition at the Wallace. This was a joltin’ joe, not in the sense of abv (alcohol by volume) – the coffee implication stands in toto – but in palate as compared to the bottled one. The stout captured and tamed in glass seems rather a murmur compared to the full-tasted draft for which expresso-sweet is not too far a term. In kegged form too, the smoky quality, from roasted barley or malt, peals out as contrasted with the empyreumatic whisper issuing from the bottled variety.

Find the genie in the … draft is my beery reminder of the day. Draft over bottle was an axiom of pre-craft times.  The situation today is more nuanced, but still the old learning applies.

Tony, who has to be one of the best bartenders in Canada or anywhere, had some pointers on a “Black Velvet”, which is a blending of stout and cider. (Champagne is used too, sometimes). I’ve made a mental note but knowing from drinks history that these blends are usually done 50/50, I think I’ll depart from that given cider’s rather strong taste – 1:2 cider to stout seems about right. A concoction that may well please at the cost of entering wine-dark currents for the former Stygian, but such is the ebb and flow of malty peregrination.

It’s fixed in my mind now, one-third Pommies cider, two-thirds O’Hara’s stout.  Next time.