Amsterdam Pure Pilsner



First class pilsner, from Amsterdam Brewery in Toronto.

In fact the best pils in the province, imo, and one of the best I’ve had anywhere. It is not “Czech” as such, not Helles or “German pils” as such, but seems to combine features of all, with a dose of craft authenticity.

An all-rounder pils, is another way to put it.

A similar beer from Amsterdam, Starke, came out in the spring but this seems the summer iteration, maybe a bit lighter.

Both appeared periodically in previous years and the return of either is always appreciated.

Nice malty body, slightly bready, no green flavours at all (dimethyl sulphide or similar). Spicy/flowery/flint-like hopping to balance the malt. Nice aftertaste with flowers and herbal garden notes.

There are other good pils in Ontario but none to my mind offers the multi-faceted experience of this one.



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