A Canadian Brewer Addresses the 1911 International Brewers Convention

I thought these remarks of Lothair Reinhardt, Jr., of the Toronto lager brewery Reinhardt (1881-c. 1927), were of interest, from the 1911 Second International Brewers Congress. The Canadian participation at this event seemed modest, probably reflecting the Dominion’s small population and brewing industry at the time (although some individual breweries had very large production).

His remarks are noteworthy for the importance to Canadian brewing of the American brewing schools as well as the difficult issues facing the industry from the Temperance movement. The 2/5ths rule he referred to is rather interesting. At first blush it seems at odds with simple democracy, although as with most things connected to brewing and its history, the background is probably far from simple.

(The source is the Report of Proceedings Vol. 1 I have referenced before).

The image further below, from the Toronto Public Library archives, shows the Reinhardt brewery, by then converted into storage facilities, after a fire in the mid-1950s.